• How much will it cost?

    The costs involved and charged by an attorney are traditionally based on an hourly rate, which is agreed with the client. These rates differ from attorney to attorney and can be based on an attorney’s years of experience or the particular area of law. It is therefore important that you discuss the attorney’s hourly rate and fee upfront.

  • What is the NCA?

    The National Credit Act, Act 34 of 2005, is an act aimed at regulating the position between a credit provider and a debtor. As a rule of thumb, this act will apply to any credit agreement where there is a deferred payment and interest or costs levied on the amount borrowed. There are however several additional applications. It is therefore important to obtain proper advise when taking up or granting a loan.

  • Do I need a last Will and Testament?

    In order to ensure that your estate is properly dealt with after your passing, it is very important to have a proper will drafted.

  • What is a conveyancer?

    A Conveyancer is a qualified attorney that has passed the required examinations that allows him to be enrolled by the High Court to practice as a conveyancer. Conveyancers are inter alia responsible to attend to transfers of immovable property, registration and cancellation of bonds and sub-divisions of even.

  • I am getting married. Do I need an antenuptial contract?

    An antenuptial contract or ANC as it is commonly referred to, sets out the proprietary rights of the couple to be married once the marriage is concluded. If no contract is signed, the parties will be married in community of property and their separate estates will be regarded as one.

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